Another Motorcycle Accident, Another Death in Myrtle Beach

Bike week in Myrtle Beach has been over for a couple of months and the summer tourist season is in high gear.  Yet, another biker has lost their life on the roads around Myrtle Beach.  This time near Surfside Beach a van driven by Patricia Wedge collided with two motorcycles on U.S. 17 just North of S.C. 544.  It appears from the initial report that Wedge may be responsible for the accident.  The accident occurred around 10:00 p.m. and this location is very busy at that time of night.  This is a very common type of accident in the summer months along the grand strand area.  There is a large influx of tourists from all across the country that come for weeks and even months to enjoy the beaches.  These out of state drivers are not familiar with the horribly designed roads and how to get from one side to the other when there is no traffic light.  Most accidents result in no injuries, but like this one there are times when the accidents are deadly.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol’s MAIT Team will put together an accident report that will detail the events of the accident.  It will take weeks for this report to be generated.  The troopers drafting the report usually do a very thorough job in determine the cause of the accident.  Witnesses are interview, vehicles are examined and the location to surveyed. Wedge could face some serious charges if she is found to have caused the accident.  The motorcycle riders were not wearing their helmets, but in this case it may not have mattered because initial reports show that the riders were injured from burns.  Horry County Fire Rescue reported that a fire started at the scene.  It is unclear how the fire started.  One biker was airlifted to the August Burn Center to receive treatment.  Hopefully this biker will make a full recovery from this accident.  The other motorcycle rider passed away at Grand Strand Regional Hospital.  This hospital was upgraded earlier this year to a level II Trauma facility.  The Level II designation requires all major surgeons to be on call for emergency services.

Our personal injury attorneys in Myrtle Beach, SC have experience representing motorcycle riders that have been injured in the Grand Strand area.  Our personal injury attorneys in Myrtle Beach have also sadly represented families who have had to experience the wrongful death of someone in their family.

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