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Our South Carolina criminal defense lawyers are very experienced in defending federal and state drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking is considered to be the most severe and punishable offense for the illegal sale of drugs.  Being charged with a federal crime can be an intimidating experience.  This is something you should not have to endure alone.  Our federal criminal defense lawyers at The Mace Firm have defended individuals charged in federal drug trafficking indictments, receiving numerous favorable results.  We have the skill, knowledge, and resources necessary to develop a strong defense and get you the most favorable outcome possible.

Drug Trafficking Generally

Drug trafficking involves the movement of illegal drugs or controlled substances from one location to another with the intent to unlawfully sell, distribute, or deliver.  It can occur within a state’s borders, across different states, or from the importation of illegal drugs into the country.  A federal indictment will usually be issued when the trafficking involves movement across state borders because it is considered to be an effect on interstate commerce.  There may also be circumstances where you never actually possess the drugs, but you are still charged under a drug trafficking indictment.  This is usually possible with something known as a conspiracy claim.  Under a conspiracy allegation, you are held accountable for the activity that your co-conspirator performed in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Some types of illegal drugs associated with drug trafficking include:

Illegal Drugs

Heroin Methamphetamine
LSD Ectasy
Cocaine Cocaine Based (Crack)
Marijuana PCP
GHB Steroids

In federal cases, when federal agents and often, local law enforcement, investigate federal drug crimes, they usually make use of informants, surveillance, and wiretaps to obtain as much evidence as possible on the individual before their arrest and indictment.  It is important to contact a federal drug trafficking lawyer if you are being investigated or have already been charged with a federal drug trafficking crime to discuss your options.  You should also refrain from speaking to law enforcement officers regarding the alleged criminal activity until you have spoken with a federal defense lawyer about your case.  You always have the right to remain silent.

Possible Penalties

Penalties for a drug trafficking offense will depend on the amount and type of drugs involved, and the individual’s criminal history.  An individual may even be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence depending on the nature of the crime.  Ultimately, the federal judge will always impose the sentence he or she deems appropriate.  However, the key to understanding the possible penalties involved is through the United States Sentencing Guidelines.  Still, the amount of drugs that are charged in the indictment are rarely the only amount used to determine how much prison time an individual will be exposed to at a federal sentencing.  This is determined by something known as a presentence investigation report.  This document allows the judge to evaluate an individual’s criminal history and any accusations regarding other criminal involvement.

For this reason, it is vital to hire a good federal defense lawyer to assist with these charges.  Being indicted for a federal crime can be a frightening experience because the federal rules are often confusing and overly complex.  It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to ensure that an individual charged with drug trafficking is provided with all possible defenses and arguments.  You are entitled to the best defense possible, and our federal attorneys can provide just that.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal trafficking crime, contact one of our federal defense attorneys for a free consultation or contact us online.

Drug Trafficking in State Courts

In state courts, the amount and type of drug will determine if a possession charge is sufficient to qualify as a trafficking charge.  When you possess the qualifying amount for trafficking, you can still be subject to a trafficking charge even if the drugs were only for your personal consumption.  Each state is different as to the amount necessary for a trafficking charge.  Therefore, it is best to contact a drug trafficking lawyer in the state in which you have been charged to determine which law applies to you.  Our drug trafficking attorneys at The Mace Firm are highly knowledgeable about the federal and state systems.  We care about our clients and make sure they are fully informed about every step of the process.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a federal or state drug crime, contact one of our defense lawyers for a free consultation at 1-800-94-TRIAL or contact us online.