The Mace Firm South Carolina Attorneys: Practice Areas


The South Carolina attorneys at The Mace Firm are dedicated to representing clients in Federal Courts and many State Courts in South Carolina and other jurisdictions with a focus on the following areas.




We have offices South Carolina and Florida. Our South Carolina attorneys limit their practice to these three specific areas in federal and state courts: civil, criminal, and appellate litigation.  Our Myrtle Beach lawyers represent individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own and need our assistance in fighting with the large insurance companies.  We also handle cases at the appellate level.  Our appellate attorneys have litigated numerous case in the federal and state appellate system.  Lastly, we represent individuals and businesses who are being pursued by the federal government.  We have experience in many federal courts throughout the United States and have represented foreign corporations here and abroad.   We represent individuals and corporations on federal indictments and civil cases throughout the United States.


Catastrophic Injury

Personal injury and wrongful death cases have a lasting impact on victims and families. The litigation of a wrongful death case in South Carolina can be quick and over in a matter of weeks or it could last years. Many factors from liability to finding a potential recovery from a defendant can cause a simple matter to last years. Insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers make their careers out of not paying for injuries to victims. Our injury lawyers are experienced in fighting the largest company in the world on a regular basis (The United States Government). Having the right personal injury lawyer representing you or your family can help you understand the process and keep you up to date on where the case is in the litigation process. We have litigated wrongful death cases in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Miami, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and Kissimmee, Florida. Each of these cases we have won or are in the process of trying to win for our clients. Having the right lawyer on your side is critical to your success against a large insurance company. We are fortunate enough to have represented several families in the worst of times and resolved their cases in the most favorable manner. The personal injury attorneys at our firm are committed to helping clients involved in injury litigation and wrongful death litigation.


Federal and White Collar Criminal Defense

Our federal criminal defense attorneys primarily handle federal indictments and investigations. The Mace Firm criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and corporations against the various federal agencies. Many times this representation begins long before an indictment or target letter is sent to our clients. In most cases our goal is to prevent a client from being in indicted and resolve any issues with the government without having to enter a courtroom. While we have had success at stopping clients from being indicted, it is a very formidable task that takes experience and an understanding of how the government views cases. There is never any guarantee that we can prevent anyone from being charged with a federal crime, but if we are brought into the representation at an early enough stage we may be able to limit what is known as your “exposure” in federal court.  We have the experience in federal court to help you with your case.


Appellate Representation

The Mace Firm is one of the very few South Carolina law firms with a focus on appellate litigation. The firm was cast into this area of law having realized that our clients that needed a lawyer for an appeal were having no success in finding one. Appellate advocacy is a tough area of law to practice. It requires an inordinate amount of patience and a very high concentration level. Our appellate attorneys provide just that for many of our clients. We represent clients in several Circuit Courts and even litigate cases up to the United States Supreme Court. Our appellate attorneys are well versed not only in writing the appellate brief, but in arguing the case before the appeals court. The appeal lawyers in South Carolina have recently argued several matters before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal. More than almost any private firm in the 4th Circuit, our appellate attorneys have conducted no less than 5 oral arguments in the past 18 months before the 4th Circuit. Many appellate attorneys will never be granted oral arguments by an appeals court during their career. We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated staff and work ethic that brings these type of results to our appellate division. Appellate courts requesting that an appeal be heard beyond the merits of the brief gives recognition to the appellate attorney that their efforts and issue spotting are commendable.