White Collar Crime Generally

White collar crime is a financially motivated, nonviolent crime committed for illegal monetary gain.  A few years ago, defendants were reassured that they would receive a minimal sentence for their white collar crime, and in some cases, a sentence of probation or supervised release.  However, due to the increase in the amount of white collar crimes across the United States, many white collar defendants are now subject to prison terms for any conviction.  White collar crime has went from a small infraction to a heavily indicted federal offense.

We handle a wide variety of white collar crime offenses including:

White Collar Crimes

Bank Fraud Identity Theft
Bribery Mail Fraud
Embezzlement Extortion
Wire Fraud Healthcare Fraud
Insurance Fraud Racketeering
Money Laundering Investment Schemes
Insider Trading Credit Card Fraud
Tax Fraud Medicare Fraud
Mortgage Fraud Counterfeiting

The appropriate defenses depend on the particular crimes charged in the indictment and the amount of money involved.  Our federal defense attorneys know what loopholes to search for and what defenses will be appropriate for your particular case.  For example, you may have a valid defense if your attorney can show that though you may have benefitted financially from a wrongful act or transaction, you did not intend to unlawfully benefit.  Ultimately, you and your attorney would have to discuss the defenses available and determine the best options that will work for you.  We have aggressive and knowledgeable South Carolina attorneys at The Mace Firm that are ready to fight for your rights.  We are here to provide you the best defense possible.

Possible Penalties

If you are found guilty of committing a white collar crime, sentencing will vary according to the amount of money at issue, the number of victims that have been harmed from the fraudulent conduct, and the defendant’s role in the illegal conduct.  Of course, it is always up to the federal judge to determine sentencing.  However, the United States Sentencing Guidelines are helpful in understanding the type of penalties that may be involved in your case.  Our federal defense lawyers are highly proficient in analyzing the guidelines in connection to a particular offense.  Knowing the amount of time that you could be facing is most important before deciding whether you would like to proceed to trial, negotiate with government for a potential plea agreement, or plead guilty.  These are decisions that a person charged with a federal crime have to make.  But, you do not have to go through this process alone.  Our white collar crime attorneys have handled cases in this field and are prepared to assist you with your case.

We understand that the federal system is overly complex and intimidating, so we make every effort to keep our clients fully informed.  We also quickly attain discovery in order to determine how much evidence the government actually has on the case.  Defending a white collar crimes takes time and effort.  We have attorneys who have passed the bar in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a white collar crime, contact The Mace Firm for a free consultation or contact us online.