Our South Carolina federal criminal defense lawyers at The Mace Firm are experienced in defending individuals and business who have been indicated for a RICO violation.  RICO stands for “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.”  This law focuses specifically on racketeering, and usually involves cases of organized crime.  Racketeering means engaging in an illegal organization.  Although RICO’s original intent was to deter and penalize mafia related crimes, RICO has taken a much broader role.  A number of crimes can be charged under RICO including white collar crimes and drug related crimes.  You can face federal racketeering charges if the government suspects you of committing two or more criminal racketeering acts within a ten-year period.  See 18 U.S.C. § 1961(5).  RICO crimes include, but are not limited to:

Rico Crimes

Bribery Extortion
Drug Trafficking Loan Sharking
Obstruction of Justice Money Laundering
Counterfeiting Embezzlement
Fraud Robbery
Arson Prostitution

RICO imposes harsh criminal penalties on individuals involved in organized crime.  If you are convicted of a RICO charge, you could face as much as 20 years imprisonment as well as severe financial penalties.  All illegal gains and business interests gained through racketeering activity are required to be forfeited.  To better understand your options and the possible penalties, you should contact a federal criminal defense lawyer.

RICO cases are complex and indictments are usually filed after a lengthy investigation.  This is why it is important to obtain an experienced RICO defense lawyer to ensure that you are informed of all of your options.  Our South Carolina federal criminal defense lawyers will aggressively defend your case to try to get the most favorable result possible.  We have federal criminal defense lawyers who have passed the bar in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  We have the experience and knowledge you need to effectively defend your case.  Contact The Mace Firm at 1-800-94-TRIAL or contact us online if you have are being investigated or charged under RICO or any other federal crime.