Deadly Week in Myrtle Beach

This is turning into a very deadly week in Myrtle Beach. There have been several automobile accidents that have resulted in serious injuries and a couple of deaths.  The motorcycle accident that occurred over the weekend that resulted in the death of a biker was the beginning of a dangerous week.  The personal injury cases that will result from these accidents will be extensive.

First Accident this week:  Two motorcycles hit a van causing 1 death and 1 rider to be severely injured.  This is in Surfside Beach.

Second Accident this week: A bus from Williamsburg and a pickup truck collied on Highway 17 and the result was several injuries and 1 death to date.  In this case the initial reports are that the driver of the truck either was unable to stop or there was a problem with the truck.

Third Accident this week: This accident occurred on 48th Avenue North and Kings Highway.  One car was flipped over in the middle of Kings Highway.  The injuries for this accident are still under investigation.

Fourth Accident this week: A motorcycle rider was killed in a crash off of Highway 548 Tuesday afternoon.  This accident is still under investigation.

This past weekend was one of the deadliest in South Carolina.  There were 11 people  killed in South Carolina over the weekend.  So far this year over 292 car drivers have died.  This is a rather large number because South Carolina has a small population.

All of these victims and their families should speak to a good personal injury lawyer in South Carolina to evaluate any possible claims they may have.  These type of cases vary from wrongful death, product defect and driver negligence.  The process is not easy, but  good injury attorneys Myrtle Beach would be able to help with representation in these cases.  The process begins with the retaining of an attorney.  The attorney sends an investigator to get as much information as possible about the accident.  The following usually occurs during the first couple of months:

  • Contact law enforcement to get any reports
  • Serious injuries or death will require a MAIT report (takes months to completer)
  • Contact all insurance companies to set up claims
  • Interview all potential witnesses
  • Photograph all vehicles involved
  • After this initial investigation- Research insurance policies for individual companies
  • Contact hospitals and doctors regarding injuries and medical records for client
  • Get copies of all records

Case will then either be transferred to litigation department of law firm.  Preparation of the case for trial is very important in these early stages.  Our Injury Attorneys in Myrtle Beach are able to help with these type of cases.  Do not hesitate to call our injury attorneys in Myrtle Beach about your case today.

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