The Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment (REDEEM) Act is potential new legislation that will aid non-violent offenders in sealing and expunging their records.  This opens up a variety of doors not only for these offenders, but for society as a whole.  So many offenders, once released are unable to obtain gainful employment because of their criminal history.  The purpose is to stop the cycle of incarceration and poverty.  Our prison system is simply overpopulated and when previous offenders reoffend due to lack of employment opportunities, it makes the overpopulation problem a growing concern.  This legislation to meant to halt this effect.


If the legislation passes, it would automatically permanently seal the criminal records of juvenile non-violent offenders.  It would also expunge the records of offenders under fifteen (15) years of age if they have not reoffended after three (3) years.


The legislation would also allow adult non-violent offenders to petition to have their records sealed if they have not reoffended a year after their sentence is completed.  Sealing the record would close it from public view and allow it to be treated as having never occurred.  Additionally, certain low-level drug offenders would also be allowed to continue to receive certain federal support despite their criminal record.

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