Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Ocean Blvd Shootings

Criminal defense lawyer in Myrtle Beach discusses the tragic events that occurred in the area over the holiday weekend. Each year, Atlantic Beach and its surrounding beaches host a BikeFest during Memorial Day weekend. Typically, the BikeFest doesn’t end with so many deaths and unanswered questions; this year is a different story.

Saturday Night, Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

Police in the area responded to a large fight that broke out on the street. Some who were involved in the fight fled the area and continued arguing. Back at the scene, one man had been shot and the authorities were trying to help him when more shots were fired at the Bermuda Sands Resort located nearby. Three people were killed in the second round of gunfire at the hotel and the gunman remains on the run.

Sunday Night, Wave Rider Resort in Myrtle Beach

The following evening in an unrelated event, two more people were shot at the Wave Rider hotel on South Ocean Boulevard. Around 10:30 that night, two people were shot inside one of the rooms at the hotel. Both victims were transported to the local hospital; their injuries were not fatal. The shooter in this incident also fled the area and police are still trying to locate the person.


While all this was happening, many onlookers took video of what they were witnessing. Some then posted their videos to social media accounts and on YouTube. Some of the videos have been useful to police in their attempt to identify and locate suspects in the shootings. One video they have obtained shows the street fight, then shows a man firing a gun and a bullet striking at least one person. One of the victims of one of the non-fatal shootings have surprisingly asked police to stop “harassing” him about the incident and said that he did not wish to talk to police about the shootings or their investigation.

Police in the area have asked that witnesses come forward with any information or video footage they have related to the shootings.

Future Implications

On Tuesday, many locals headed to the town’s council meeting to voice their complaints and fears about what happened during this year’s BikeFest. The mayor, John Rhodes, was surprised at the amount of violence and said that “this past weekend was the worst I’ve seen in Myrtle Beach and I’ve been here for 51 years.” Rhodes proposed that the city increase police presence during the bike weekends to help deal with the issue. He claimed that making the city safer during BikeFest would be an ongoing process. There are plans to add at least 30 new members to the police force, in addition to a meeting with South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on Friday to “discuss extra support available from the state.” The mayor also wants those who visit Myrtle Beach for vacation to know that “this is not what happens the rest of the year, so please don’t look at this as something as a habit that happens every week.”

In 2008, the Myrtle Beach City Council attempted to put an end to all bike rallies in the area due to complaints about the increased crime activity and noise. That year, the council also passed a helmet law along with additional reform ordinances in an effort to end the bike rallies, but it didn’t work. The South Carolina Supreme Court ended up overturning the helmet law two years later.

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