Colorado Murders may now have Civil Lawsuits Filed

There could be several lawsuits filed against the movie theater for the death and injury of friends and family for the shooting.  While any lawsuit at this point would not have a good legal basis while the facts are still being developed, that is not to say that the victims will not go forward with the litigation.  The main issue would be negligent security at the movie theater.  These type of cases usually involve a known danger and a preventable danger.  In this case it will be difficult to show that the theater could have prevent this horrible event, because there was not basis for them to suspect that such a catastrophic tragedy would occur.  Many negligent security cases involve fights, assaults and even murders.  However, the business owner has some notice that this could occur at their location and did nothing to ensure the safety of the business invitees.

A good personal injury lawyer will have the ability to determine whether a negligent security case can be brought based on the facts as they are now presented.  It is my opinion that any case will most likely be dismissed based on the facts that have been released by the police in Colorado.  There would have to be some basis for the case to withstand a challenge from any good law firm and fighting insurance companies is no easy task.  Many times the insurance company will make every effort to ensure that their case has an advantage and in doing so weaken a real plaintiffs case.  Frivolous lawsuits do occur and our guess would be that any lawsuit brought against the movie theater in this case will be dismissed.  Our negligent security attorneys are familiar with what needs to be alleged to win a negligent security case and from the information provided to date, these facts are not present in this case.

Hiring a good personal injury lawyer is important at many different levels.  First the lawyer should be able to inform you as to the type of case you may have and whether it is worth while to pursue into court.  Many lawyers will tell you that for case is great, but then refuse to file a lawsuit on your behalf.  This usually means the lawyer prefers not to go to court or that the case was never really that good to begin with.  You should always speak to at least two personal injury attorneys or two personal injury law firms prior to hiring anyone to represent you or a family member.  All lawyers have different opinions as to what a case may be worth or what to expect in the litigation.  Just as some lawyers never handle real estate or wills, some lawyers never handle wrongful death or catastrophic injury cases.  Each case is different and you will not know which personal injury lawyer is right for you until the case starts to progress.  Many times injury cases take years to either resolve or go to trial.  In the past decade mediation has become a requirement in most jurisdictions and ends up settling many cases.  Our personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC are experienced in negligent security cases and wrongful death cases.  You may contact one of our Myrtle Beach lawyers at

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