Two-Car Crash in Myrtle Beach Area

Another deadly car accident occurred in Myrtle Beach, SC over the weekend. One man was killed and another is charged with felony DUI. The accident occurred near the Pirateland Campground on U.S. 17 Business in Myrtle Beach. The crash happened when a Jeep Grand Cherokee crossed the grass median from the northbound lane and collided head-on with a van in the southbound lane. The van had five passengers according to reports, and one of those passengers was killed.

This is a tragic accident and it appears that underage drinking played a key role. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee was underage and was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the accident. He is in a great deal of trouble and will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Myrtle Beach to defend him. However, he will likely go to jail for quite some time since another person was killed in the accident.

The victim’s families may also sue the driver civilly and will need to hire a wrongful death attorney in Myrtle Beach, SC to assist them. Another legal action is known as Dram Shop Liability, which basically states that those individuals who make a profit from the sale of alcohol are accountable for the injuries and death resulting from the irresponsible selling of alcoholic beverages. It is unknown at this time at what location the driver of the vehicle purchased alcohol or where he consumed alcoholic beverages, which will be important information that must be discovered by the victim’s family’s wrongful death attorney in Myrtle Beach, SC in they wish to pursue a claim under Dram Shop Liability.

The other passengers in the van that were injured will also likely hire accident attorneys located in Myrtle Beach, SC to assist them with recovering monetary damages for their pain and suffering.

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