Meningitis Outbreak could be Devastating in South Carolina

So far 105 people have reported symptoms. The contaminated steroids were sent to several locations in South Carolina. In particular Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina was a delivery location for some of the contaminated steroid. This is a very dangerous situation and the threat to life is a very real consideration. If the contaminated material reach the spinal column the result could be death. While Tennessee leads the nation with the number of reported incidents, that does not mean that more may come from South Carolina at some point. The company responsible for this is New England Compounding Center. To date 8 people have died and several others have become sick from this steroid. It also appears this is not the first time this company has encountered problems with its production. Prior complaints led to an agreement with government regulators in the early 2000s for New England Compounding. The Centers for Disease Control is out tracking down everyone who may have received the steroid injections. It is great that we have an agency that will help protect the our health and safety, but the real question is what is New England Compounding doing? Any commercials or warnings on TV? Mass email and snail mail to the possible victims? How about beating the CDC to the consumer and trying to ensure they are safe. This is a typical case of a pharmaceutical company making its’ money and moving on to the next consumer. The real problem is where is the quality control for such a dangerous product. The company knows what these steroids are going to be used for and know how they will be administered to the patients. Intravenous injections deliver the steroid right into the nervous system. There is no getting it out once it is in. There is no way for the physician to know that the product is contaminated and will possibly kill the patient. It will not be long before several large personal injury law firms line up to help protect the patients who have been affected. For at least 8 people it is to late to help. The damage has already been done and no one can bring back the person that has died from meningitis. Our meningitis injury lawyers can help with anyone who is affected by this horrible infection. Several containers of the infected steroid have been sent to South Carolina and in particular Mt. Pleasant.

Please do not wait if you feel you feel that you have had a steroid injection over the past 6 months and are having any symptoms. Go to the CDC website to get further details.

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